BarCamp Tampa Bay Presentation: An Introduction to Developer Testing

I gave a talk today at BarCamp Tampa Bay dev day, introducing developer testing. I really focused on tests as design, and how to test effectively. I didn't get a chance to do the live TDD demo, and I probably need to brush up a bit more on the specifics of the SOLID principles, but overall, it went very well! I finished the presentation with about 15 minutes to spare (I signed up for an hour). In that time, we had some very good discussions on getting over the fear of doing TDD yourself, introducing TDD into an organization (just do it!), and some testing patterns. Some reactions to my presentation:
@hotgazpacho talk on testing. Covering SOLID
@hotgazpacho: Keep running into attendees from my presentation at#barcamptampa who liked it! FTW! uh, that's cause it was awesome!

This was only the second time I gave this talk, and I personally feel that it could use more practice and more polish. It's also a lot of information to discuss in one hour (this talk was originally created as a reaction to oh sh*t, you're leaving? Give us a brain dump of how to do this, even though we haven't cared up until now). So, I either need to cut it down into two talks (one on SOLID, one on testing as design), or budget 2 hours for this. I considering submitting this talk to CodeMash 2011, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to swing that trip this year.


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