New Release: iron-term-ansicolor 0.0.2 for IronRuby

Tonight, I released version 0.0.2 of iron-term-ansicolor. As you may recall, iron-term-ansicolor makes use of the term-ansicolor library and the .Net base class library to provide colored console output for IronRuby. Users of RSpec and Cucumber on IronRuby should now have much cleaner colored output, thanks to Danny Coates, who found a better way to parse the ANSI control codes out so that the appropriate calls to Console.ForegroundColor and Console.BackgroundColor. Installation is a simple igem install iron-term-ansicolor Cucumber has made use of iron-term-ansicolor on IronRuby since the first release of this library. I’m not sure what it would take to include automatic support for RSpec, but I’m sure it would probably be as simple as it was to add it to Cucumber. The source is available on github. Please report any issues using the issue tracker there. Enjoy!


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