IronRuby, Cucumber, & win32console: Picking up the Gauntlet

Shortly after I published my previous post on getting IronRuby working with Cucumber, I did a git pull and recompile from the IronRuby repo. Well, something changed which broke command line option parsing for igem. I’m happy to report that this commit appears to have fixed the issue. Yay! Also, I’ve forked IronRuby on GitHub and have made the changes I documented on the previous post to Dev.bat. I plan to track IronRuby closely, so if you don’t want to follow all the directions (I still recommend setting up the shortcut to dev.bat), you can simply clone my repo. Finally, Shri Borde put out a call on the IronRuby mailing list asking if anyone was interested in porting win32console to IronRuby. As Shri pointed out, this is important because Cucumber makes use of win32console on windows platforms to colorize the output of cucumber runs. This makes it much easier to visualize what works, what’s broken, and what steps you need to write. Since I have more than a passing interest in getting Cucumber working for .Net apps, I am going to pick up the gauntlet and attempt to port it myself. Behold ironruby-win32console. Now, to figure out how to do it…


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